OAP07APRK - Architecture design in the Real context

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Architecture design in the Real context
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
OAP07APRK elective 8 1P + 3V 5.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
- -
Learning objectives
Introducing students to the methodology of connecting architectural elements into complex functional units and logical constructive assemblies that are harmonized with the elements of the environment. Gaining experience in the application of theoretical knowledge about the elements of architecture, urbanism and architectural technologies in solving practical tasks during the design process.
Learning outcomes
Developing the skill of designing larger multi-purpose architectural structures with residential, business and service facilities, and parking spaces in a given location in a specific environment, from urban and architectural analysis of the existing, through the concept and conceptual design to the conceptual design.
Position, role and significance of the program in modern architecture. Needs for built space. Functions of built space. Architectural program as an articulation of the structure of local market needs. Spatial system as articulation structure function. Form as the final product of architectural thought. Case studies.
Teaching Methods
Classes take place in the form of a studio project with individual and group consultations and open discussions about projects. Lectures, exercises, consultations, field work. The exam is taken by the public defense of the project study in the June exam period.
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  2. Bernard Tschum, Content, Context, Concept., MIT Press 2005. (Original title)
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  5. Blagojević, Ljiljana. Moderna kuća u Beogradu 1920-45. Beograd: Zadužbina Andrejević, 2000. (Original title)
Evaluation and grading
Class activity: 10 points Project study: 40 points Colloquia and final exam: 40 points and 10 points
Specific remarks