The Steering Board

The Steering Board is a body that controls the activities of the University. It consists of 9 members: four representatives of academic staff, one representative of administration staff, one student representative, and three representatives appointed by the Republic of Srpska Government.

Members of the Steering Board in Banja Luka are the following:

  • Prof. Rajko Gnjato, PhD, academic staff, the President
  • Borivoj Obradović, founder representative, Deputy to the President;
  • Prof. Bogdan Zrnić, PhD, academic staff;
  • Prof. Darko Radić, PhD, academic staff;
  • Prof. Saša Pavlović, PhD, academic staff;
  • Prof. Mirko Raković, PhD, founder representative;
  • Prof. Mihajlo Marković, PhD, founder representative ;
  • Branka Kovačević, administration staff;
  • Stefan Kremenović, student.

The Secretary of the Steering Board is Mr. Đorđe Markez, MA.