According to the world criteria, University of Banja Luka with its 15 faculties, Academy of Arts and one research center, belongs to the group of the middle size universities. It is one of two public universities in the Republic of Srpska and it operates in a environment where strong influence of private high education institutions is present with its 7 universities and 10 colleges.

University of Banja Luka has around 15.000 students which is around 40% of total number of students in the Republic of Srpska. 

The most relevant data in terms of the number of students is around 16.500 students enrolled in the 1st cycle of studies. In last five years the average enrollment of students is around 3.300 and the number of students that finish studies is around 2.000. Number of new students enrolled in first year of studies in last five years: 3.756 (academic year 2010/11), 2.980 (academic year 2011/12), 3.322 (academic 2012/13), 3.614 (academic year 2013/14) and 3.206 (academic 2014/15). 

From one year to another, the University of Banja Luka increases the number of fully employed people and simultaneously decreases number of engaged external associates. More than 63% out of total number of teaching staff engaged in education process at the University in academic year 2014/15 is permanently employed. Professors, associates and administrative staff of the University of Banja Luka respect high ethical standards: frankness, dignity, respect, equity, tolerance and responsibility in academic, moral and social area. 

One of our goals is to make all our degree programs sustainable with more than a half of our own staff and to continue with employing young people, thus increasing the involvement of young and perspective associates in total number of new staff.

Currently, University of Banja Luka has 784 professors and associates who are fully employed.  In academic process 459 external professors and associates are engaged, out of which 170 are engaged in part-time job, 168 are visiting professors from abroad and 121 senior associate for the needs of clinical practice. Current number of participants in academic process is 1.243, while administrative and technical support is done by 35 professional associates and 47 laboratory workers and 476 workers in administration.


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