OG07PUT - Putevi

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OG07PUT 5 P + V 5.0
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Condition Oblik uslovljenosti
none -
The goal
Getting basic knowledge of the roads. Through the analysis of the life cycle of the road and the interaction of the driver-vehicle environment, methodological procedures are being studied and formed a basic picture of the definition of the road as a medium for the traffic flow. Training for the basic application of acquired knowledge in practice during the planning, design, construction, exploitation, maintenance and management of roads.
The outcome
Acquired knowledge is used in professional subjects.
Road and traffic, historical development and indicators of development. Classification of roads. Exploitation indicators. Relevant speeds and relevant design vehicles. Cross section of road. Profile elements. Dimensioning of the pavement profile. System driver-vehicle-environment. Psychophysical factors of the driver. Movement of a vehicle. Methodology and technology of design. Project documentation. Elements of the project geometry-situational plan. Guides, transversal curves, circular curvatures. Longitudinal profile. Position of the route in space. Tracing and design. Principles of route guidance. Tracing technique. Designing the road. Crossroads. Traffic and technical equipment of roads. Validation of variant solutions. Lower road machine. Materials. Rocks and embankments. Objects. Pavement tructures - types, elements, materials, parameters. Dimensioning of pavement structures. Construction of roads. Materials for building. Mechanization. Organization and execution of works. Quality control. Maintenance of roads. Types of maintenance. Organization and execution of works. Road management. Organization. Responsibility. Financing. Database. Planning and programming. City roads. City road network. Project elements. Traffic at rest. Parking lots. Garages.
Methods of teaching
lectures, exercises, consultations
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Knowledge check forms and grading
calculating colloquium, project, final exam
Special indication