OG07ZELJ - Zeljeznice

Course specification
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OG07ŽELJ 6 P + V 5.0
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Condition Oblik uslovljenosti
none -
The goal
Acquiring basic knowledge on railways. The study of methodological procedures and the formation of a basic picture of the definition of the railway as a medium for the traffic flow. Training for the basic application of acquired knowledge in practice during the planning, design, construction, exploitation, maintenance and management of railways.
The outcome
Acquired knowledge is used in professional subjects.
Historical development of railways and railway traffic. Classification of railroads, stations, rolling stock. Main Exploitation Indicators. Methodology and technology of railway design. Basics of towing trains. Traction. Resistance. Principles of planning and design. Composition and equipment of project documentation. Calculation of the mass of the train, speed and driving time. Constructive elements of railroads. Calculation of horizontal curves. Longitudinal profile. Open profile. Cross section. Railway tracking. Principles of route guidance. Classification of the route. Railway track design. The bottom railroad machine. Materials. Objects. Railroad superstructure. Arranging and calculation of railroad superstructure. Switches. Maintenance of railroads. Passage and transport power of the railroad. Reconstruction of railroads. Designing a second track. Constructive elements of railway stations. Types, tasks, classification and number of railway stations in the node and on the network. Basic elements of railway nodes. High speed rail lines. Special railways. Cable cars.
Methods of teaching
lectures, exercises, consultations
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Knowledge check forms and grading
attendance, colloquium 1, colloquium 2, seminar work, final exam
Special indication