40 Doctors of Science Promoted

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The ceremonial promotion of 40 doctors of science of the University of Banja Luka was held on 9 November 2021 in the lecturing hall of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Banja Luka.

Rector of the University of Banja Luka Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, emphasized that the promotion of doctors of science was organized within the Day of the University of Banja Luka, and that this year the promoted candidates come from 11 members.

„Each of our doctoral students has an obligation to prove the quality of their work, that is, doctoral dissertations, by publishing scientific papers in international journals. The University insists on that in order to ensure the quality of doctors of sciences and their dissertations’’, Gajanin said and reminded that according to previous data, about 40 candidates receive doctorates at our university every year.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka, Prof. Milenko Krajišnik, PhD, says that at the Faculty of Economics, an average of five candidates a year defend their doctoral dissertation.

,, This year we have six candidates who have defended their doctoral dissertation. We are happy and encouraged with the fact that the quality of that study and doctoral dissertations is on the rise. This is very important for the development of science in this area¬¬’’, Krajišnik said.

"All praise for the University and the Faculty of Philosophy. The hard time is behind us, but we continue to fight in the scientific sense for the progress of our country and higher education", Marko Popadić said, who defended his doctoral dissertation and was awarded the scientific degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Science at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Banja Luka. 

Arnela Cerić Banićević, who defended her dissertation and obtained the scientific degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences at the Medical Faculty of the University of Banja Luka, on 28 September 2021, points out that she is proud of the results of her long-lasting work. 


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