Mining Exhibition Opened

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The permanent exhibition of mining was opened on the 12th of July 2019 at the Faculty of Mining of Banja Luka University in Prijedor.

It is an exhibition of devices and tools used for the mining of ore over a long period of time at mines in the vicinity of Prijedor.

The exhibition was initiated by the Students’ Union and supported by the Faculty of Mining and Kozara Museum.
The dean of the Faculty of Mining Professor Vladimir Malbasic, PhD, praised the activities that the Students’ Union of the Faculty have undertaken lately, which had set up a chess table out door, and thereafter prepared this exhibition. 

„This is a nice start of exhibiting samples collected that should be reminiscent of the mining tradition Prijedor is proud of”, Malbasic said.

The dean explained that students wanted to show that, in addition to the city museum, this higher education institution also has a collection of exhibits it wants to show to the public. 

All this would not have happened without the great effort and dedication of the senior assistant of the Faculty of Mining, Zarko Kovacevic, MSc, and student Srdjan Sobot.

Senior Assistant Zarko Kovacevic said that the authors of the exhibition believe that this is only the first step towards achieving a larger goal they set for themselves - the establishment of a mining museum in Prijedor.

He pointed out that the exhibits were collected from mines of the "Ljubija" and "Arcelor Mital" iron ore mines, respectively from the sites of Omarska, Ljubija and Tomasica. 

The president of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Mining, Srdjan Sobot, said that this year a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Mosaic Foundation and the Prijedor Youth Bank. He explained that this is how the funds for implementing this project were secured.


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