Ten Years of the Faculty of Mining

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On 13 May 2019, Solemn Academy was held on the occasion of marking ten years of successful work of the Faculty of Mining of the University of Banja Luka, where the best graduates were awarded golden badges and prominent individuals and institutions that contributed to the development of this higher educational institution were awarded plaques and certificates.

Dean of the Faculty of Mining in Prijedor Prof. Vladimir Malbasic, PhD, reminded of the history of this institution at the ceremony held at 'Kozara' movie theater and announced that they have plans to internationalize and develop the international mobility of students and professors. 

Malbasic pointed to some of the challenges this Faculty had to face, especially the fact that secondary schools do not educate mining and geological technicians. 

"In the last 24 years there have been three generations only in the Republic of Srpska. The property-legal issues related to the facility in which we work have not been solved yet, and there is no systemic solution for student accommodation and food, that is, the solution we have is temporary ", said Malbasic. 

He emphasized that after many years finally laws have been amended, which now allow institutions like this one to have a share in the market in regard to developing design documents. Further to this, he stressed that this Faculty expects to get licenses for this activity very soon. 

This Faculty, at which 131 students graduated today, has two study programs of the first cycle – Mining and Geological Engineering, and one program of the second cycle - Mining-Geological Engineering. 

Banja Luka University Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Issues Prof. Strain Posavljak, PhD, said that the University in Banja Luka was reaccredited in March this year and that Mining in Prijedor is among the 16 reaccredited study programs. He also emphasized that Geological Engineering is yet to be accredited, as only the first generation attends it. 

"This faculty must take part in the changes and ensure that mining does not close down in this region", said Vice Rector Posavljak. 

The first dean of the Faculty Prof. Nadezda Calic, PhD, emphasized that the mission of this institution is significant for education and for exploitation and geological research alike. 

Addressing the audience on behalf of all the awarded, Calic expressed her satisfaction with achievements made in education and dissatisfaction with the lack of cooperation with the corporate segment. 
"The Republic of Srpska has more than 50 mineral resources and concession agreements with 90 businessmen, which only confirms that there is need for educating the staff at this Faculty, and cooperation with the corporate segment is also important for the scientific research of the institution", said Calic. 

The monograph ‘10/22 Faculty of Mining’ was also promoted, showing the work of this higher educational institution and ten years of the work of the Faculty of Mining in Prijedor since its independence, which was prior to that operating as department at the Faculty of Technology of Banja Luka University.

The ceremony was attended by the Advisor to the RS Minister of Education and Culture Snjezana Hrvacanin, Deputy Mayor of Prijedor Aleksandar Miljus and the representatives of the RS Ministry of Energy and Mining. 

It was also attended by the representatives of the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade, ‘Arselor Mital Prijedor’ company, ‘Ljubija’ iron ore mine and many other business partners of the Faculty of Mining.

The choir of ‘Savo Balaban’ Music School from Prijedor, under the baton of Professor Goran Vuleta, performed at the ceremony.



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