Scientific gathering at the Faculty of Political Science

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On March 28, 2019, and in the name of the 10-year Anniversary of existence and work of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Banja Luka, four round table discussions were held focusing on various current theoretical and practical issues.

Department of Political Science: Round table discussion on contemporary issues in politics

At the Department of Political Science, discussion focused on the "Contemporary challenges in the politics of the Balkans".

The interest in this round table was great, and the presentations caused a lively and dynamic debate. The speakers were Prof. Emeritus Vukašin Pavlović, Prof. Emeritus Nenad Kecmanović, Prof. Dr. Čedomir Čupić, Prof. Dr. Darko Tanasković, Prof. Dr. Djordje Pavicevic, Prof. Dr. Djordje Vuković, Prof. Dr. Milomir Stepić, Prof. Dr. Bojan Kovačević, Prof. Dr. Milimir Mučibabić, Prof. Dr. Miloš Šolaja and Prof. Dr. Siniša Atlagić.

Department of Journalism and Communicology: Round table discussion on the future of the media

Journalism and Communicology science study program organized a round table on “Future of media and journalism - new challenges for media technology and journalism profession”.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Angela Kuprešanin Vukelić, the Head of the Study Program, opened the discussion, followed by speeches by Prof. Dr. Miroljub Radojković, Prof. Aleksandar Bogdanić, Prof. Milica Kostic Stankovic, Prof. Tatjana Duronjić, Borislav Vukojević, MSc, Prof. Branimir Stojković.

The discussion focused specifically on the social placement of journalism and the media, as well as journalist education. One of the agreements is that work needs to be done in order to improve the curriculum for future journalists.

Department of Sociology: Round table discussion on the advantages of sociological research

In the name of the 10-year Anniversary of existence and work of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Banja Luka, the teaching/scientific staff of the Sociology Study Program held a scientific meeting on the advantages of applying sociological research in contemporary society.

This round table scientific gathering was carried out through two panel discussions, headed by Dr. Dalibor Savić, assisted by Dušanka Slijepčević, the study program secretary, and under the guidance of Assistant Prof. Dr. Ranka Perić Romić. Other participants were Prof. Dr. Božo Milošević, Prof. Dr. Srdjan Šljukić, Prof. Dr. Dragan Koković, Prof. Dr. Biljana Milošević Šošo, Prof. Dr. Biserka Košarac, and Prof. Dr. Pejo Đurašinović.

Others who contributed the discussion were Prof. Dr. Boro Tramošljanin, Prof. Dr. Duško Trninić, Prof. Dr. Braco Kovačević, Prof. Dr. Ivan Šijaković, and associate Prof. Dijana Mizdrak.

Department of Social Work: Round table discussion on the profession placement

Round table discussion titled “Social Work - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” was also held at the Faculty of Political Sciences, and in the name of the 10-year Anniversary. The participants of the round table had the opportunity to hear insights on the topic from some of the influential people from the scientific field of social work and social policy.

Participation at the round table was partaken by seventy professionals in the field of social protection and social work activities from other systems. The round table consisted of two panels.

The spokespersons at the discussion were as follows: Prof. Dr. Mira Ćuk, Prof. Dr. Ana Gavrilović, Prof. Emeritus Milosav Milosavljević from the University of Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Jagoda Petrović, Prof. Dr. Dejan Sumrak, Prof. Dr. Ljubo Lepir, Prof. Dr. Branko Ćorić, Prof. Dr. Andrea Puhalić, Prof. Dr. Dragana Šćepović, MA Andrea Rakanović Radonjić, and the presenters, students Tamara Gaćanović and Natasa Ilić.


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