The International Meeting of the COST Project “STReESS” Held at Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The International Meeting of the COST project „STReESS - Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS“ was organized by the Faculty of Forestry, University of Banja Luka, from October 14 to 18, 2013 at the Mountain Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the Meeting were discussed many effects of stress in plants caused by climate changes, drought, heat waves, low or high temperatures, floods, etc. The Meeting has attended around 90 participants from 30 states, mainly from the Europe.

The Meeting should enable establishing contact between researchers, exchange of experience and facilitate exchange of information between the institutions.

Participants had an opportunity to watch performance of the cultural-artistic association Mladost from Pale and to see traditional folk dance as part of the national heritage of the Republika Srpska.