OA07AK2 - Arhitektonske konstrukcije 2

Course specification
Type of study
Study programme
Course title
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ESPB
OA07AK2 2 P + V 5.0
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Condition Oblik uslovljenosti
The condition for attending the course is as follows: attended on Architectural constructions 1 (min. 80% of the attendance of lectures) and the threshold realized in the exercises from Architectural constructions 1. Student must have min. 25.5 points from graphic works on exercises from Architectural constructions 1, which includes student`s attendance (min. 80%).
The goal
Introducing students with basic functional elements and building material. Individually, masonry construction of stairs and classical and contemporary wooden roof constructions, covering pitched roofs, in a simple, easily understandable manner that is empirically explained without the application of a static calculation that students are not yet familiar with. Technical documentation is being studied and a segment of the detailed design is drawn out, which should connect all the previous knowledge gained from Architectural constructions 1 and 2.
The outcome
Prior to coming to the exercise, students need to get to know the problem that is being addressed in the exercises, through attendance at lectures and studying the recommended literature. After completion of this course, students will be able to, without the application of a static calculation, with approximating calculations, design details of basic structural elements, such as: stairs, pitched wooden roofs, light roof trusses, mixed complex roof structures, chimneys and ventilation channels, as well as finishing works, covering pitched roofs, gutters, drainage pipes, wall and ceiling processing. After the details of the constructive elements on Architectural constructions 1 and 2, the student will first see and study the necessary technical documentation in this subject and will make its part in the form of a detailed design of a residential house or a segment of the administrative building (at last, fifth graphic work).
Stairs - function, classification, names of parts of stairs, dimension of stairs; Construction of reinforced concrete stairs; Stairs, details, processing, fences; Pitched roofs, classification, terms; Simple roof; Roofs with collar; Roofs with purlin, with straight posts; Roofs with slanted posts; Roofs on hangers; Industrial roofing; Light roof trusses; Coverage of pitched roofs, classification, principles of covering; Roof ceiling above attic; Gutters and drainage pipes; Technical documentation; Preparation of the detailed design; Mixed roof construction; Treatment of walls and ceilings; Chimneys and ventilation.
Methods of teaching
Lectures, interactive classes and exercises - graphic works, consultations. Learning and independent production of graphic works.
  1. Trbojevic, R., Architectural constructions: Masonry construction system, Orion art, Belgrade, 2001.
  2. Jahic, E., Architectural Constructions: Principles, Systems and Materials, Tuzla, 2012.
  3. Krstic, P., Architectural constructions 1 and 2, Naucna knjiga, Belgrade, 1971.
  4. Petrovic, M., Architectural constructions 2, Orion art, reprint edition, Belgrade 2006.
  5. Brennecke, W., H. Folkerts, F. Haferland, F. Hart, Atlas of Roof Constructions: Pitched Roofs, translation into Serbian: prof. dr Vlatko Brčić, Građevinska knjiga, Belgrade, 1990.
Knowledge check forms and grading
- 5 independent graphic works, including student`s activity, are scored in total with a maximum of 50 points (maximum 10 points for each graphic work), - the exam is rated with a maximum of 50 points A passing grade is obtained if you collectively accumulate up to 51 points - attendance continued at least 80%, done and evaluated graphic works (total of 5 graphic works with max. 50 points), cumulatively rated with minimum 51% of max. number of points (ie 25.5 points from 5 graphic works). A student who is unjustifiably absent from teaching more than 20% and does not pass at exercises, min. 25.5 points, must renew the listening of the subject.
Special indication
Vježbe se odvijaju po grupama. Prije početka svakih vježbi studentima se dostavlja detaljno razrađen program za svaki grafički rad, sadržaj grafičkog rada, te uslovi i rokovi za prijem grafičkih radova.