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Cooperation with Northwest Normal University of China

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The University of Banja Luka and University of East Sarajevo, under the auspices of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in People’s Republic of China, signed an Agreement on cooperation with the Northwest Normal University in the province of Gansu.

The formal signing ceremony, in the presence of the President (Rector) of the Chinese university, Prof. Wang Jianren, BaH Ambasador in PR of China, Prof. Sinisa Berjan, and distinguished representatives of the management of this Chinese university, was held on 5 June 2024 in Lanzhou – the capital of Gansu province, with nearly 5 million inhabitants.

As stipulated in the agreement with a validity period of five years, among other things it is foreseen an exchange of academic staff and students, joint organization of scientific events and participation in projects of mutual benefit. They also planned exchange of mutual visits during this year, with particular focus on cooperation between cathedra for Chinese language and culture, History and Mathematics.

Northwest Normal University was founded in 1902. It is on the list of 1 st class universities in China, and according to the world’s list of the best universities “Times Higher Education” it is among the top 800 universities in the world. This University has 27 faculties, providing education for about 40.000 students. Through partnership with universities around the world,
they have established several Confucius institutes that promote international cooperation and cultural exchange.


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