OA07UP1 - Urbanisticko projektovanje 1

Course specification
Type of study
Study programme
Course title
AcronymStatusSemesterNumber of classesESPB
OA07UP15П + В4.0
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
ConditionОблик условљености
For attending classes. For taking the final exam.The final exam of the Basis of Urbanism 1 and the pre-examination obligations of Urban Technic and Urban Composition have been completed for attending classes. For the final exam required are filled with pre-exam obligations for Urban Design 1.
The goal
The main objective of the course is to train students to create development programs for specific urban or rural areas by modern approaches, methods, procedures and techniques of the urban design process. Also, the aim is to introduce students to the complexity of the cities, through the study of urban problems and phenomena with several aspects and at more spatial levels.
The outcome
Mastering with contemporary approaches, methods, procedures and techniques of the urban design process.
Place of urban design in the process of creating a city space. Urban Design: properties, techniques and range. From artistic to pragmatic in urban design: approach, goals, procedures and effects. An overview of the evolution of urban concepts: from originally traditional to modern; From postmodern to futuristic. Urban community: concept, development over time, manifest forms, types, models. Urban development: concept, characteristics, variability, transformations, rhythms. Urban Morphogenesis of Banja Luka. Urban form and urban landscape. Traditional values ​​of city units. Urban models - concepts: E. Howard, Le Corbusier, F.L. Wright, C. Doksiadis and C. Alexander. Modules, networks and matrices for the formation of urban units.
Methods of teaching
Lectures, exercises, workshops, consultations, fieldwork, presentations.
  1. 'Form of the City'
  2. 'Man and the city'
  3. 'A city is not a tree'
  4. M. Ralević. 1988. Programsko modelovanje urbanih funkcija. Beograd: CMSUB. (Original title)
  5. 'Landscape Cities: Comparison of the Urban Identity Development of Banja Luka and Graz'
Knowledge check forms and grading
Activity in teaching and attendance: 10 points Colloquia: 2 x 7.5 = 15 points Graphic works: 20 + 20 + 20 = 60 points Final exam: 15 points Corrective seminar work: 7.5 points
Special indication
Предиспитне обавезе студената су оба позитивно оцењена колоквијума, 80% присуства на предавањима и вјежбама и позитивно оцењени графички радови. Студенти који добију позитивне оцене на оба колоквијума, ослобођени су полагања завршног испита и број освојених бодова на колоквијумима се преноси у бодове испита. Колоквијуми су обавезна провера знања. Одсуство са два колоквијума, негативне оцјене на колоквијуму или комбинација обавезују студента да напише семинарски рад на једну од задатих тема у школској години и изађе на завршни испит.