OGS07DSS - Donji stroj saobracajnica

Course specification
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Course title
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ESPB
OGS07DSS 7 P + V 5.0
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Condition Oblik uslovljenosti
Soil mechanics passed exam
The goal
Acquiring the necessary knowledge about the interaction of roads and materials on which, in which and from which roads are built. Introduction to the design, construction, maintenance and repair of the elements of the lower part of the roads (cut, embankment, protective and supporting structures).
The outcome
The student is able to analyze the character of the subsoil and to provide a solution for its possible modification, as well as to dimension the construction of the cut and embankment of the road in different environmental conditions and traffic load.
Basic terms and definitions. Elements and objects of substructure. Selection of the cross section of the road. Base map for the design and construction of the substructure. Stages of designing elements and objects of the substructure. Geotechnical classification systems. Determining the suitability of building materials and receiving influences from the construction of the superstructure. Design of cuts and embankments. Protective and supporting structures. Water protection. Slope protection. Supporting and cladding structures. Facilities for water and roads leakage. Frost protection. Principles of calculation and arrangement of materials. Mass leveling. Preparatory works at the construction site. Embankment and embankment construction procedures. Foundation soil. Construction of embankments next to buildings and from stone materials. Embankment quality and material usability. Excavation and construction procedures of cuts. Excavation in earthen materials. Construction of the substructure in unfavorable field conditions. Treatment and stabilization of soil materials. Fundamentals of rock blasting and excavation techniques. Excavation and construction of cuts in rocky materials. Special blasting procedures to preserve the stability of the slopes. Compaction and embedding materials. Field and laboratory control. Tools for geotechnical works. Application of geosynthetic materials in the substructure. Maintenance and repair of the elements of the substructure.
Methods of teaching
lectures, exercises, consultations, laboratory work.
  1. Substructure of the traffic infrastructure
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Knowledge check forms and grading
class attendance, colloquium 1, colloquium 2, project, final exam
Special indication