Academic Coordinators for International Student and Staff Exchange

Organizational Unit

Name and Surname


Academy of Arts

JeleJelena Manojlović, MA, Assistant ProProfessor

Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy

Žana Topalović, MA

Faculty of Economics

Dr Dejan Mikerević, Assistant Professor

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Vanja Todorović

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Dr Petar Gvero, Professor

Faculty of Medicine

Dr Nenad Ponorac, Professor

Faculty of Agriculture

Dr Milјan Cvetković, Professor

Faculty of Law

Stojana Petrović, MA

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr Bilјana Kukavica, Professor​

Faculty of Mining Engineering

Dr Vladimir Malbašić, Professor

Faculty of Technology

Dr Saša Papuga, Assistant Professor

Faculty of Political Science

Dr Goran Grahovac, Assistant Professor  

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Borislav Vukojević, MA

Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Siniša Lakić,  Assistant Professor

Faculty of Philology

Dr Danilo Kapaso, Professor

Faculty of Forestry

Dr Rodolјub Olјača, Professor