Organization Unit

Name of the institute

The Institute for genetic resources

Organization unit of the University
Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Institute for architecture, engineering and geodesy

Faculty of Economics

Institute for economic sciences

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Research and developmental institute for computer science and communication technologies
Research and developmental institute for electrical engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Institute for mechatronics

Institute for engines, vehicles and materials

Faculty of Medicine Institute for health management

Faculty of Law

Institute for legal and social sciences
Institute for international business and legal cooperation

Faculty of Agriculture

Institute for animal husbandry

Institute for agroecology and land

Institute for pomiculture, viticulture and horticulture

Institute for agriculture and olericulture, Banja Luka

Institute for agriculture economy, Banja Luka
Institute for domestic animal breeding
Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Philosophy Institute for interdisciplinary socio- humanistic sciences

Faculty of Technology

Institute for technological researches, development and design 

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

Institute for sport, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Banja Luka

Faculty of Political Sciences Institute for social research, Faculty of Political Sciences