WBC INCO NET – билтен 24. јуни 2011. године

Универзитет у Бањој ЛуциОпште

WBC INCO NET – билтен 24. јуни, 2011. године

Обавјештавамо Вас да је WBC-INCO.NET тим објавио нови билтен 24.06.2011. године.

WBC INCO NET – за земље Западног Балкана INCO – NET (Пројекат о координацији истраживачких политика са земљама Западног Балкана објављује чланке са новостима, догађајима, објављеним позивима и новим документима).

Dear readers,

please find below the newsletter of the Western Balkan countries INCO-NET (Coordination of Research Policies with the Western Balkan Countries) providing receently added news, articles, upcoming events, upcoming and current calls as well as newly added documents. All resources can also be accessed directly via our website (http://www.wbc-inco.net) and vie RSS feed: http://www.wbc-inco.net/object/news/rss.

This time, we would like to draw your attention on Pre-Announcement of the 4th Call in the SEE Programme! Preparations for proposals should already start at this stage. Also in FP7, call documents will soon be published (indicative date July 20, 2011 - we plan a special newsletter on the topic for July 22) and we hope that many proposals will involve researchers from the region!

Please don't hesitate to contact us at office@wbc-inco.net if you would like to provide input for the next edition of the newsletter (such as event and call announcements) or in case of any questions.

Best regards,
Elke Dall, Ines Marinkovic, Katarina Rohsmann and the WBC-INCO.NET Team (http://www.wbc-inco.net/users/team)

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